About us

Specialized dental studio “Aponia” was founded in 1998. Under a supervision of doctor Ana Tešić, specialist in endodontic, a team of dentists specialized in different fields of dentistry work in our dental studio that allows us to address the requirements of all our patients.

Wide range of various offers at our disposal nowdays  makes our choice of adequate and trustworthy consultations difficult when it comes to health and beauty of our teeth. The decisions regarding our smile are important and could have long-term consequences.  Our staff in Aponija understand your dilemma in respect of choice of suitable dental studio and therefore we guarantee the best possible treatement.

Visit our dental studio where you could find particular harmony of health and aesthetic. From the moment you open your eyes every day, smiling you could initiate many beautiful things.

We remind you that the interventions to which you will be submitted to are painless, which is the meaning of the name Aponija  (ancient greek for painless).

Our goal is to create comfortable and pleasent ambiance where we shall provide  you with high quality dental services results you will be able to enjoy every day, each time you look into the mirror.

Allow us to create your smile that wins with its beauty and confidence.

Specialized dental studio Aponia is waiting for you.


Team Aponia

Doctor Ana Tesic

Doctor Ana Tešić

Doctor Milorad Tesic

Doctor Milorad Tešić

Doctor Tamara Kostic

Doctor Tamara Kostić


Doctor Dragana Pavlović

Doctor Ana Tešić,

  • Born in Belgrade in 1975.
  • Graduated at Faculty of Stomatology, University of Belgrade in 2000.
  • Working Experience: Military Medical Academy in Belgrade.
  • Specialized in the field of Endodontia and and moth diseases in 2004, further specialization in the field of implantology and aesthetic stomatology.
Doctor Milorad Tešić,

  • Born in Belgrade in 1950.
  • Graduated at Faculty of Stomatology, University of Belgrade in 1977.
  • Working experience: Military Medical Academy in Belgrade
  • Specialized in Oral surgery in 1988.
Doctor Tamara Kostić,

  • Born in Belgrade in 1970.
  • Graduated at Faculty of Stomatology, University of Belgrade in 2001.
  • Specialised in the field of orthodontics in 2005.
Doctor Dragana Pavlović,

  • Born in Kraljevo in 1983.
  • Graduated at Faculty of Stomatology, University of Niš in 2008.
  • Specialised in the field of Endodontics.