Teeth facets


venir  keramicke-fasete-viniri

Facets are thin layers of composite material, ceramic, zirconium or fabricated shells that are applied to the front visible surface of  tooth in order to improve its color, shape or position (and the bond with other teeth as well).

Faceting may be biologically justified if it is performed within indications.

Composite material facets belong to so- called „direct crowning” which means that they are made after one visit to dentist  and are applied directly over teeth. Essentially, it includes closure of  gaps between teeth or in case of minor anomalies that do not require reducing the surface. If they are maintained properly in a higienic manner, facets may last up to five years.

Veneers (ceramic facets) are applied in case of larger discolorations that can not be removed by whitening and when the tooth shape correction is needed. Front surface of tooth is reduced up to two millimeters to achieve the appropriate thickness of veneer or when nonstandard color is needed. Based on a mold made from teeth impression dental technician prepares a faucet using CAD/Cam computerized technique.


luminirLumineers ( porcelain laminates) are made upon dental impression without prior surface reducing, anaesthesia or trauma. Since they are exceptionally thin lumineers can’t reach veneers and therefore are used for minor anomalies corrections. Sometimes it is not possible to achieve desirable results with lumineers and then the dentist chooses different type of therapy, veneers, crowns or combined therapy.