Teeth whitening

Aesthetic dentistry – Teeth whitening

Healthy, beautiful and white teeth are a precondition for a flawless smile. In time, teeth change their color due to the consummation of different colored  beverages (coffee, tea, Coca Cola, red wine), use of tetracycline in early age, smoking and other factors. Discoloring  may also appear after endodontic teeth treatment.

If you are unsatisfied with the color of your teeth, or you have an avital discolored tooth, whitening is the solution to your problem.

Here in Aponija we  apply two different tooth whitening methods  that with the use of modern materials provide excellent results.

We emphasize that these methods do not harm the tooth tissue and may be repeated several times.


Clinical whitening is performed within  a dental studio conditions  under a supervision of a dentist. It requires the application of hydrogen peroxide gel in combination with special UV light. After a thirty minute  treatment , teeth will get  two to four shades  lighter after which It is necessary to revisit the dental studio three or four times, every other day. The longievity of results depends on your willingness to maintain the color by reducing the daily amount of colored beverages. In any case, the color shall not change to the color before the whitening.


House teeth whitening includes the making of an individual splint which the patient uses at home by applying the gel inside  following the precise instructions provided by dentist.