Endodontics is a branch of dentistry concerned with endodontium, namely dental pulp. Endodontics includes prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental pulp diseases and trauma. Dental pulp is a hollow within a tooth that represents connective tissue containing arteries, veins, nerve endings and connective cells.

Deep decays (leading to bacterial infection) or a potential tooth trauma, may cause inflammation process, or in worst cases, dental pulp infection resulting in pulpitis. Acute or chronic inflammation may spread from root to surrounding alveolar bone leading to abscess or granuloma. In these situations, the only alternative to tooth removal is root canal treatment or tooth devitalization.


Root canal treatment
Modern techniques and advanced technology for treatment of root canal system allow us to perform treatment of all tooth groups with great reliability and success. Since endodontics is a foundation of dentistry, our dental studio offers the latest teeth treatments.

Modern root canal treatment demands microscopic precision and includes:

  • Removal of  dental pulp (nerve)
  • cleaning, expanding and root canal decontamination
  • biocompatible dental material  root canal filling
  • placement of filling, or ceramic crown depending on the condition of the tooth

With the help of latest technologies and high quality procedures adjustable to each tooth, we provide the most effective teeth treatment.