Oral implantology is a branch of dentistry dealing with diagnosis and insertion of oral implants in order to restore the look, comfort, function, aesthetic, speech and health of completely or partially toothless patients.


Oral implant is a manufactured component surgically inserted in jawbone compensating a missing tooth and providing foundation for future prosthetic compensations. It is made of highly purified titanium and its alloys. This material is entirely bio-inert meaning that human body doesn’t reject it as a foreign body nor there are any allergic reactions.

Dental implants are used in order to compensate one or more missing teeth with completely toothless patients or to avoid wearing total dental braces which significantly affect the comfort and quality of life.

Dental implants include three components:imp 3

  1. Titanium artificial tooth root inserted in jawbone
  2. Abutment secured to the titanium root with an abutment screw
  3. Crown connected to the abutment with dental cement

Na taj na?in zubni implant u potpunosti zamenjuje izgubljeni zub. Implant postaje replika nekadašnjeg zuba. Procedura za implantiranje zuba je jednostavna.

This way dental implant replaces the missing tooth. The implant becomes the replica of former tooth. Implant insertion procedure is simple. Intervention plan is made upon X ray evaluation whereby the amount of bone marrow, dimension, number and insertion place of implants are determined as well as the type of further prosthetic procedure.impl 9

imp 6

The first phase of procedure includes insertion of artificial screw, mainly made of titanium that replaces the tooth root. Then the implant is covered with mucous membrane after which we should wait the end of osseointegration period (adhesion of bone and implant). After three to six months depending on the jaw in which the implant was inserted, the second final phase begins.

The second phase includes implant detection ant prosthetic rehabilitation. After osseointegration, the former at the tip of an implant is removed and a supra-structure is placed instead screwed to the titanium root. Finally a prosthetic compensation is made upon teeth impression.

Implant insertion procedure is completely painless and lasts around thirty minutes. An implantologist with years of experience will explain the reasons why an implant insertion is the best solution for you. We use implants manufactured by world leading manufacturers: Stavo Strauman, Nobel, Biohorisons, Icx…

impl 4

We are proud to say that we have many highly satisfied patients who decided to insert implants in our dental studio and permanently solve the problem of missing teeth and wearing braces proving that miracles are possible.

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