Oral hygiene

profi-jetThe sense of freshness that you feel after professional dental cleaning in our dental studio Aponija is entirely unique and incomparable. Have you ever wondered why you can’t achieve it by yourself? During a process of teeth cleaning, a dentist will polish your teeth by conventional manual instrument or by Prophy-Jet. Prophy-Jet is a cleaning system using air pressure that combines water and baking soda in order to remove teeth stains and plaque caused by smoking and consummation of coffee, tea and colored beverages.

Firm teeth deposit is called dental calculus and may be removed by Prophy Jet. Dental calculus is actually minerilized dental plaque, a firm sticky teeth deposit that unless removed may cause even greater amount of teeth deposit resulting in paradontopathy.

Proper brushing for adults

Proper brushing for children

Dental calculus is removed by ultrasound device . In case of deep periodontal pockets, a manual instrument must be used beside ultrasound device and teeth sanding.

Brush your teeth twice a day and remmember to visit your dentist!

To avoid creation of dental calculus you have to eliminate its cause: dental plaque. These are some of the advices that you may follow:

  • Avoid sweets-healthy and nutritious diet will reduce dental plaque creation
  • Have regular dental checkups. Dentist will remove dental calculus and help you to prepare better for home dental care.
  • Visit your dentist at least twice a year in order to control the teeth calculus
  • Keep perfect dental care; ask your dentist for an advice regarding oral hygiene.

If you haven’t visited your dentist for a long time it is time to schedule an appointment. The longer you delay the removal of calculus the more serious teeth problem becomes!