Fixed orthodontic appliances

Fixed orthodontic appliances include brackets, spacers and arch wires. Brackets are suited to tooth shape and bonded directly to each tooth.

Depending on diagnosis and personal desire each patient has metal, ceramic and sapphire glass brackets at his/her disposal.

Young people mainly prefer an appliance with metal brackets and colored rubbers that may be changed during each visit to dentist which enables a different combination every time.


Damon system of orthodontics reduces the period of wearing braces

Ceramic brackets are white, visually smaller and aesthetically acceptable, but not invisible.

ortodontske-bravice-005 ortodontske-bravice-004

The latest brackets are made of sapphire glass and aesthetically the most acceptable. They are smaller and since they are transparent they match the teeth color. In combination with white arch wires they are almost unnoticeable.

Upon placement of fixed appliance the oral hygiene must be more frequent and thorough. Teeth should be brushed after each meal and it is recommendable to avoid snacks between meals. Oral hygiene is maintained by a regular tooth brush, interdental toothbrush, brackets toothbrush, dental floss and mouth wash.

With regard to nutrition you should avoid biting off food. It is desirable to cut food in smaller pieces. You should also skip crunching nuts and vegetables with seeds. Chewing gums, candies, toffees and lollypops are forbidden.

You should check up your teeth once a month or once in two months depending on the type of brackets and severity of teeth problem.

After completed treatment a fixed or a mobile retainer is made for a patient as well as a mobile brace whose role is to secure the desirable teeth position after orthodontic treatment.


retainer fixed

retainer fixed


retainer mobile