Gum Inflammation during pregnancy (gingivitis gravidarum)

The most frequent topic on our blog and in everyday contact with the patients is about maintaining proper oral hygiene. It is always a current theme because it’s the most important precondition of every further collaboration with us who take care about your health and the beauty of your smile.
Our team of doctors at Aponia dental center use every opportunity to remind our dear patients of the importance of regular and correct oral hygiene, so we do it again here in the context of pregnancy.
Gravidity is specific condition under many medical aspects, from the dentist prospective is the same. Pregnancy implies whole chain of smaller and bigger changes in women’s body caused mainly by the same reason-increased hormone level.
Regarding teeth, an alternated hormone status leads to changed reaction on bacteria present in the mouth, and consequently gums become more sensitive at plaque accumulating in the mouth.
In 60-75% of the cases gums swallow, bleed and have elevated sensibility.
If the gum inflammation was present even before pregnancy, the condition will become worse.
Swollen painful gums make proper oral hygiene more difficult which results with further accumulation of the dental plaque and a bigger problem to deal with.
Advanced gum inflammation could bring you to the parodontopathy- destruction of the supporting tissue of the tooth, which treatment is long and insecure.
If once we believed that the pregnancy was the cause of a teeth deterioration, today’s studies beat that old thesis and point the finger toward the only guilty part that is the cause of tooth degrading- bad oral hygiene.
So, non more excuses!
Our dear ladies, come on regular check-ups and take care of correct oral hygiene! That way you get to enjoy even more in the most beautiful phase of every woman’s life. Expect your little angels with beautiful and healthy smile!
Aponia dental center loves you!

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