Skeletal teeth prosthesis

Skeletal teeth prosthesis is one of the mobile prosthetic compensations reduced to a maximum. The skeleton core is made of cobalt-chrome-molybdenum alloy   after which it got its name. Metal skeleton in upper jaw has the shape of a band while the lower jaw (mandible) skeleton takes the shape of a bow. The other part of prosthesis compensating the lost teeth is made of acrylic.


A  visil prosthesis is commonly used when teeth are not properly located to have a dental bridge placed or when the bone thickness is not appropriate for the implants to be inserted in. It is attached by special connective elements (attachments) to other teeth hidden under prosthesis and not visible while we talk.  In order to place the attachments in prosthesis the appropriate metal ceramic crowns are to be made over other teeth.

By a definition, attachments are precise connective elements binding fixed and mobile part of partial skeletal prosthesis into a whole and participating in retaining, stabilization and holding the prosthesis in the main position.